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Smart solution that helps animals stay in their place

  • Wireless dog containment, activity tracking and training system with small portable base and rechargeable collar-mountable device
  • Offers a maximum containment area of 2 acres, or a radius of about 150 feet, for two dogs at most; allows a dog that has crossed the boundary to return to the established containment zone without triggering a correction
  • Comfortable plastic contacts are durable and come in two sizes to accommodate all coat lengths
  • Built-in advanced BarkLimiter ™ function helps to deter nuisance barking
  • Works with the free Garmin Canine ™ app on your smartphone¹ to help you track your pet's activity

When pets become family, they need limits to help them stay safe, healthy, and well behaved. The Delta Inbounds Wireless Containment System makes it easy to set limits for your pets, wherever you go, and without having to make a large investment in fencing, buried screens, kennels or other forms of containment.

Peace of mind without limits

The Delta Inbounds system combines proven Garmin collar technology with a small, lightweight, fully portable base station. This system allows you to confine up to two dogs in a configurable area of up to 2 acres. Plus, the included boundary flags provide visual cues for your dog, so they know where the containment perimeter extends. If your dog crosses the limit, the feedback feature allows him to return to the area without triggering a correction.

Completely mobile protection for pets

Unlike physical barriers or invisible buried fences, the Delta Inbounds containment system is very easy to move and reconfigure. Simply plug the base into any available outlet to create a temporary limited area for your pet, such as when camping, traveling, or moving. If you are out of power or cannot access it, the base can also run on AA batteries for up to 4 days. You can adjust the size of the containment zone, from its maximum radius to just a few yards, which makes the system very flexible and allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Integrated activity tracking functions

It is very important to make sure that your pet stays active for their well-being and their shape. When you download it to your compatible device¹, the free and easy-to-use Garmin Canine app offers activity tracking features and correction signals to choose from for training your dog. Activity Tracker² makes it easy to see when, how long and how active your dog is. Use this data to gain information that will help your dog lead a healthier, more active life.

Improve your companion's behavior now

In addition to monitoring limit crossings and tracking your dog's activity level, the Garmin Canine mobile app also allows you to use your compatible smartphone as a hand-held remote training device. Reinforce the behaviors you want, and discourage those you don't want. Just press a button on the app's training screen to gently correct your dog using safe vibrations, tones or stimulation.

Set limits with keep at bay beacons

To provide additional protection when you are not around to interact personally with your dog, Keep Away tags create an alert zone (1 to 3 ft radius) to prevent your dog from approaching trash cans , flower beds or other no-go areas.

Integrated bark control technology with adjustable levels

The Delta Inbounds system features our cutting edge bark detection and correction technology with adjustable levels to help keep your dog quiet. You can therefore choose the most suitable level of correction to suppress unwanted barking. This technology detects your dog's barking thanks to the vibrations of his throat. This means that the device is not disturbed by the barking of other dogs or other noises, and your companion does not risk being called to order unfairly. You can also set the detection levels to allow a limited number of barks or sounds before the correction is triggered.

Strong, durable and stylish

Compact, lightweight and comfortable, this sturdy dog device features an easy clip for any collar up to 1 inch wide. The plastic contacts, available in two sizes, are very strong and optimized to accommodate different coat lengths. Designed to withstand any mistreatment an active dog can throw at it, the collar device offers 1 ATM water resistance (the base also offers IPX7 water resistance). The integrated high intensity LED beacon helps with visibility at night, should you ever need to look for a dog that has left confinement limits. In addition, the long-lasting lithium-ion battery allows the device to be used for up to 2 weeks before recharging³.

¹ See for compatibility.
²Precision of activity monitoring
³Battery life may vary depending on use.

Delta Inbounds ™ System

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