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Most of the services offered by the BHSCC are to promote and stimulate the development of the Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound breed and Hanoverian Scenthound breed while ensuring a monitoring role, defending and promoting the interests of the breed in Canada. The BHSCC is committed to providing a framework conducive to the development potential of the dogs, their owners and breeders.

Since 2018, the CCCRHB has been authorized to resell Garmin products for the online store and with our partner point of sale at Équilibre Animale. The management and administration of the store is carried out by volunteers.


The team offers its own training services in different formulas: individual or group. Different training courses are offered to support members in the development of their dog.


Note that all the profits generated by the sale of products and services are used to finance the activities of the club. No administration fees are provided on your purchases. All of the store's order processing steps are managed by club volunteers (see order processing procedures below).



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