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Portable tracking system for sport dogs

  • Track up to 20 dogs¹ at a time, with a range of up to 9 km with a Garmin T 5 collar or up to 4 km with a T 5 collar
  • 2.5 second update rate allows for faster location tracking when dogs are on the run
  • GPS / GLONASS reception allows better satellite tracking in harsh environments than GPS alone
  • Comes with preloaded US 100K TOPO cartography and a free one-year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery; compatible with Garmin HuntView maps
  • Hunt Metrics data helps analyze your dogs' hunting habits and behaviors. see distance traveled, time spent and more

With faster updates of 2.5 seconds and the ability to track up to 20 dogs¹, Astro 430 is a powerhouse for pocket dogs. Intuitive and easy to use, the Astro 430 handheld features a powerful 2.6-inch color display, preloaded 100K US TOPO map, optional rechargeable battery, and Hunt Metrics data to help you analyze tracking habits of your dogs in the field. can know how to train more effectively.

Track your dog's every move

Using the Garmin T 5 or T 5² mini collars (sold separately) to transmit each dog's position as often as every 2.5 seconds, Astro 430 quickly identifies the trail they are following, even when they are in. leak. On the Astro's bright and crisp screen, you can see your dog's current location and a track of where he has been. You can also switch to the Dog Track page to display a compass pointing to your dog's location. To help you keep the overview when following multiple dogs, it's easy to automatically zoom in on the map page so all dogs are visible on screen at all times. Dogs too far away to match the current zoom scale of the map may be shown on the display margin in the direction corresponding to their position. To reduce visual clutter on the map, you can toggle between “Show all,” “Show some” and “show none” - select how long each dog's track is visible on the screen. You can also share a dog's tracking code so that another person can see your dog's location on their unit's map, as well as the dog's tracking compass. Additionally, by sharing a dog's control code, you can allow another person to set up and control your dog's collar device.

Track with hunt metric data

Sophisticated hunting metrics help monitor your dog's hunting habits and behaviors to optimize your training opportunities. You can see your dog's times, distances traveled and overall scores. Additionally, the Astro 430 will also record the number of times during the hunt when an “on point” or “treated” event is indicated.

Once you find your sector, mark the exact spot with Astro's Covey Counter ™, a special waypoint that shows the exact location, time and altitude where you found your prey, as well as the number at that point. place. Astro allows you to save other special waypoints, such as “Truck” and “Lodge”, so you can easily find your way back to those locations when the hunt is over. Astro also offers special waypoint icons to represent food plots, tree stands, and other hunting-related points.

Share wirelessly

With its extensive ecosystem of wireless connectivity options, Astro 430 can support data transfer between units with a variety of compatible Garmin devices. For example, the Garmin DriveTrack ™ 70 outdoor GPS navigator can receive and display dog positions on its moving map - with TOPO or satellite views - showing navigation directions for your dog's current location. Likewise, fēnix® 3 GPS watches can receive dog status updates and alerts to view them at a glance on your wrist. Additionally, while you're in the field, Astro 430 lets you wirelessly link and share with your buddies' compatible devices, such as the Oregon® laptop, Montana® pocket, GPSMAP® 64 chartplotter or other ANT devices. + ® enabled devices, to help coordinate hunting logistics on the go.

NB. Due to the variety of international regulations, this version of the Astro is only approved in the United States. The Canadian government currently prohibits the unlicensed sale and use of the Garmin Astro dog tracking system in any form. In June 2009, Industry Canada announced that the MURS radio frequency used by Astro would be licensed in Canada after a five-year transition period. However, in June 2014, Industry Canada reversed its position, noting that “the department does not believe that the introduction of MURS devices in Canada is justified at this time and has decided to postpone the introduction of these devices in Canada. until the Canadian attorneys for MURS indicate and / or the stakeholders. ” Garmin remains interested in offering Astro to its Canadian customers and will contact Industry Canada to support this goal. Potential Canadian customers should also contact their local Industry Canada office to express their wish to have the product approved for use in the country.

Astro® 430 and T5

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