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Sports Dog GPS Tracking System in US and Canada

  • Track up to 20 dogs with the 2.6 inch color screen; pair with T 9 dog devices for a maximum range of 5 km (8 km); uses the 900 MHz FHSS, approved for use in Canada and the United States
  • 2.5 second update rate allows for faster location tracking when dogs are on the run
  • High sensitivity GPS and GLONASS satellite reception is able to track in harsher environments than GPS alone
  • Preloaded TOPO mapping for the United States and southern Canada and a free one-year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery for enhanced location awareness
  • Dog Hunt Metrics data analyzes the dog's speed, distance traveled and time so you can review and train more effectively.

Using our T9 Collar Device (sold separately or as a set) to transmit each dog's location every 2.5 seconds, Astro 900 quickly identifies the trail it is following, even when on the run. On the Astro device's bright and crisp screen, you can see your dog's current location and a track of where he has been. You can also switch to the Dog Track page to display a compass pointing to your dog's location. To help you keep the overview when following multiple dogs, it's easy to automatically zoom in on the map page so all dogs are visible on the screen at all times. Dogs too far away to match the current zoom scale of the map may be shown on the display margin in the direction corresponding to their position.

See more details with additional mapping

Astro 900 has a microSD ™ card slot that lets you load even more mapping options. You can also opt for City Navigator® NT map data, which gives you detailed directions on the roads. In addition, Astro 900 supports BirdsEye satellite imagery (one-year free subscription included) so you can download satellite imagery to your device and integrate it into your maps. The Astro device's mapping describes important geographic features nearby and lets you see if your dog has crossed a creek or is approaching dangerous pavement. Astro 900 is also compatible with Garmin Custom Maps, free software that turns paper and electronic maps into downloadable maps for your device.

Tracking with dog data with Metric Dog Data

Sophisticated data from Metric Dog Data helps monitor your dog's hunting habits and behaviors to optimize your training opportunities. You can see your dog's times, distances traveled and overall scores. Additionally, Astro 900 will also capture the number of times during the hunt when an “on point” or “processed” event is indicated.

Make every ride count

Plan a more productive hunting trip with BaseCamp ™, software that lets you view and organize maps, waypoints, routes and tracks. It can also transfer an unlimited amount of satellite imagery to your device when paired with your Astro device's free one-year BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription.

Share wirelessly

With its extensive ecosystem of wireless connectivity options, Astro 900 can support the transfer of data between units with a variety of compatible Garmin devices. For example, Garmin DriveTrack ™ can receive and display dog positions on its moving map - with topographic views or satellite imagery - and indicate navigation to your dog's current location. Likewise, a fēnix® compatible GPS watch can receive dog status updates and alerts for a snap on your wrist. Plus, while you're in the field, Astro 900 lets you connect and share wirelessly with your friends' compatible devices, such as the Oregon®, Montana®, GPSMAP® 64 or GPSMAP® 64 chartplotter. other ANT + ® compatible devices, to help you coordinate hunting logistics on the go.

Turn your computer into a base station for dog tracking

Load your laptop with BaseStation software to turn it into a Field Control Center for tracking multiple dogs (equipped with T9). Display real-time GPS information on your computer's large screen, making it ideal for canine search and rescue teams. And since it's GPS and GLONASS compatible, you'll get tracking even when internet and cell phone service aren't available.

Astro® 900 and T9

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