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Comfortable for the sizes of the Hanover and Bavarian breeds, the search boot allows working with dogs without causing an unpleasant choke on the neck. This cushioned collar facilitates peak performance. Tested by members of the BHSCC in collaboration with a professional craftsman and development partner. Fit for Garmin TT15 and TT10 GPS collar (GPS collar not included).


Available in sizes small "S" (dachshund), medium "M" (Bavaria) and large "L" (Hanover).


Size Circumference A (red)

S 42 cm

M 49 cm

L 60 cm


  • Durable velcro straps for putting on a TT15 or TT10 GPS collar or biotane collar
  • Heavy duty velcro to close the search boot (need a collar loop)
  • Durable and flexible materials
  • Anti-mold lining, allows perspiration / moisture diffusion
  • Solid brass swivel
  • Orange and yellow color for more visibility
  • Reflective yellow bands (removable)

BHSCC Research Necklace

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  • no possibility of return

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