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A top-mounted, high-sensitivity GPS / GLONASS receiver, the TT 15 dog device uses 18 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation, as well as sound and sound vibrations activated from Alpha® 100. Compatible with Astro® 430 and 320 for the tracking only.

Rugged and water resistant up to 10 meters, the Collar Dog Tracking and Training Device is tough enough to run anywhere your dog runs, up to 10km away. Stimulation functions allow you to train each dog separately - traditional stimulation allows you to make rapid changes (low, medium or high) in a predetermined level of stimulation (1-6), while linear stimulation gradually allows more stimulation from levels 1 to 18. You can remotely operate the LED headlights, built into the dog device, to help locate your dog in low light conditions.

TT 15 comes with a 2.5cm red collar strap. Replacement straps are available in multiple colors (sold separately).

Necklace TT15

SKU: 010-02755-80
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