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  • The harness's ergonomic design makes it a perfect fit for any dog. The back and chest area as well as the upper and lower traps are fully adjustable.
  • This new product was developed in cooperation with members of the search and rescue team. It is a proven product that has been thoroughly tested.
  • High quality leather, neoprene and brass fittings guarantee many years of service.
  • Sizes: (Examples, the dimensions measured by you according to the sketch are decisive)
    • S / M: Bavarian Bloodhounds, Australian Shepard, Beagle, Magyar Vizsla, Doberman, Poodle, Spitz, Husky, Border Collie, Small Muensterlaender, Large Terrier breeds
    • L / XL : Fits all Pointers and Hounds / Blood, Collie, Bullterriers, Boxers, Retriever Labradors, Shepherds, Chow Chows, Great Danes, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Landseer Newfoundlands, Ridgebacks, Weimaraner.

Niggeloh MANTRAILING harness

SKU: 1111 00XXX
  • No possibility of return.

    Delivery times and price variation (exchange rate) are applicable since the item is ordered directly from the European supplier.

  • Le prix est sujet à changer en fonction des coûts d'approvisionnement. Si vous acceptez l'achat, cela inclut automatiquement l'acceptation de ces conditions. 

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