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  • Developed and designed in cooperation with the German Search and Rescue Service in the Southern Black Forest.
  • Attaches to dog collar or harness with a flat buckle. The reinforced contact point between the wire and the collar / harness ensures durability and long service life.
  • The front part of the lanyard (1.5m) is thicker opaque blue biothane and helps prevent the leash from wrapping around the dog's paws.
  • The central part of the lanyard (8.5 m) is in opaque fluorescent orange biothane slightly softer.
  • The rear part of the lanyard (2 m) is in fluorescent opaque yellow biothane. The striking color ensures that the end of the wire is easily visible.
  • A palpable reinforcement at the start of the rear part of the thread also signals the end of the thread.
  • Resistant to dirt, scratches, odors guaranteed durability
  • total length 12 m long and 19 mm wide

Niggeloh 3-color biothane research lanyard

SKU: 1411 00022
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